Welcome to the North Country!

LUK Properties is the North Country’s premier housing option, with a series of affordable, market rate multi-family apartment communities serving the greater Watertown area. Our Watertown apartments include seven distinct and convenient locations.

These spacious apartment layouts include use of public space, clubhouse and recreational public spaces. Add to this a seasoned property management team with 30 years experience and you have found your new home!


With seven unique properties, you’re sure to find a community of people who share your interests.


Our properties have a variety of amenities including basketball and tennis courts, playgrounds, community rooms, and some are within walking distance of schools!


All our properties are within the general vicinity of Fort Drum – we love and support our military families!

500 Sleepy Hollow Road
Village of Gouverneur, NY 13642

Visit www.constitutioncourt.com!

700 Phalen Drive
Copenhagen, NY 13619

Visit www.deerriverestates.com!

300 Quaker Avenue
Village of Philadelphia, NY 13673

Visit www.friendssettlement.com!

1815 Olmstead Drive, Bldg 200
Watertown, NY 13601

Visit www.gabrielcourtny.com!

100 Joseph Lonsway Drive
Clayton, NY 13624

Visit www.lonswayhill.com!

256 Michigan Avenue, Apt. 414B
Watertown, NY 13601

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207 Wealtha Avenue, Apt. 642A
Watertown, NY 13601

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